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At the risk of this sounding like an April Fools joke given the event date (which it is not!), please join us with your children (aged 5+) for an opportunity to be taught some climbing skills by elite British climber, Aid Baxter, and a team of qualified instructors.


DADicated is committed to encouraging parents to find interesting and active ways to exercise with their children so either or both parents are welcome to participate alongside their children.

 Date: Saturday, 1st April 2017

Time: 2.30pm - 4.30pm

Venue: Westway Sports, 1 Crowthorne Rd, W10 6RP

Tickets: £20 per adult and £10 per child

1 x Adult, 1 x Child

1 x Adult, 2 x Children

1 x Adult, 3 x Children

2 x Adult, 1 x Child

2 x Adult, 2 x Children

2 x Adult, 3 x Children

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